BIS Srl is an italian Company specialized in bicycle components' trading and dealing. Strong and affordable, thanks to his staff experience, BIS Srl is supplying the most valuable italian buiding bike companies. Not only: for many years BIS had focused his activity in selecting and dealing leader components trademarks.

A position placement that results after years dedicated to the bicycles world. a world always lived with passion and supported by the guarentee of a professional and dynamic organization, capable of satisfying every request.

BIS Srl is the best partner for such manifacturing companies that are in need of a robust supporting organization to manage import, trading, stocking, expediting of their orders through a commercial planned program built up together with their sales office, that can be fitted to each specific needs.

Stronged by this synergic relationship between each of his customers, BIS Srl faces day by day with market realities in fast evolution, to offer the most innovative solutions to his commercial partners.